Dodge Marketing

To be honest, the sight of gigantic oversized pickup trucks bring back memories of North Carolina, stickers showing Calvin pissing on a Chevy logo, and gun racks. But thanks to Erik, I have a newfound appreciation for what those trucks can do. Forget haulin' lumber or ATV's or cement (pronounced see-ment), we're talking bikes. Mountain bikes. Ten of them. That's right, 7 people in the cab and 10 bikes on the back and a smooth powerful ride to boot.

Click for the picture of Erik's beast.

Shown in the picture is Chris (in the truck bed), Ellen (in the orange), and me (in the green), but the real star of the shot is Erik's beastly truck.

Here's a question: what cost more... the truck or the 10 bikes on the back of it? The answer may surprise you.

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