Bursting Beads

I found something new in the shower today -- a small squeeze tube of something called Morning Burst. It's apparently a facial scrub and while I'm normally happy with the bar of Zest, this mysterious item proclaimed to contain "Bursting Beads" that would help wake me up. Not really sure what the hell a Bursting Bead is so I flipped back the cap and squeezed a dollop into my hand.

The things I do to better educate my readers...

The only way I can describe Morning Burst is that it resembles a clear gel -- much like those synthetic gel-crystal potting soils from years ago. But there's more. There's the Bursting Beads. The Bursting Beads, in my opinion, are simply Tobikko. That's right I do believe I was rubbing gelatin soil and Flying Fish roe on my face in the shower this morning. If you've never had sushi or maybe just aren't familliar with the term Tobikko, it's the small crunchy orange fish roe that some types of sushi are sprinkled with.

Yes, that indeed is what is being used as Bursting Beads. And I for one am sickened by the the thought of what I may have bursted onto my face this morning. But it did wake me up. Perhaps the true Bursting Beads do "gently exfoliate", I don't know, but I can say that the fish roe felt a lot more like someone was trying to burrow through my cheeks with a sharpened pumice stone. Not only did it wake me up, as promised, but it even had me dancing and screaming too.

I'll stick to the soap, thank you very much. And after this little experiment, I'm not about to touch that "Tea Tree" scrub she has in there either. God only knows what's in that thing.

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