Still in the Cards

Jeff Passaon from Yahoo Sports has a great article on the current state of baseball card collecting available here. Anybody who grew up collecting cards -- especially in the late 80's and early 90's -- should definitely read the article as it not only provides a nice trip down memory lane, but also shows how drastically different the hobby has become.

"My motto: Flip, flip, flip," Rosen says. "If I buy, I'll sell. Unlike coins, stamps and Pogs, baseball relates to people 7 to 70. Because it's the American game, it will never go away, and this business never will, either."

Still, the direction of baseball cards disenchants him. He scans the room, looking for kids.

"There's one," he says, after a minute of looking, and there aren't any others in sight.

"You know why?" Rosen says. "When I was a kid, it was affordable to collect cards. Now it just costs $17.50 to get through the door here and $75 to buy a pack."

The debate on card companies' social responsibility – are they in business to create a huge market like commodities trading or to help promote the game of baseball to kids shying away from it? – is one without a definitive answer. Rosen entered as a hobby and saw it evolve into a business. Big Loot sells strictly for business, and he's so confident in the industry right now, he's taken on severe debt to finish his purchases.

Great read, plus the added bonus of seeing Yett's ugly stache one last time.

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