More Top Moments From Ballpark Trip 2006

These latter three submissions may not be suitable for work. You've been warned.

From D.B.
1. not being allowed into the stadium
2. Cap One breaking the glass
3. Loudog downing warm beers with authority
4. Cap One's girlfriend showing everyone her gut
5. Remy breaking his phone in half
6. Dr. Uradick
7. Hating the rock n roll hall of fame
8. Nicastro having sexx with a four year old boy (he called "no homo" so it's okay)
9. Remy trying to share a bed with me when we were the only two people in the f'ing room
10. Brian wearing an Amazonian chicks undergarment shirt thing
11. Cap trying to join the "Piss on the Generator" Club by pissing in a toilet
12. Cap charging down the street to tackle me, me side stepping and Cap folding Loudog in half and both knocking down a construction sign
13. Remy's thumbs down dance at the whop fest
14. Pisan's hot ass bitch.... wearing a retainer. Pisan, did you lick it while you were making out with her?

From B.D.
1. The invention of "No Homo"
2. Turning a hole-in-the-wall bar into the best damn place to get your Journey on!
3. Unconsciously telling a priest to "Go to Hell!"
4. Aged, Warm Beer Chugging
5. Girl showing some boob on roadtrip to Pitt!
6. Pizan trying to out-whop WHOPFest!
7. LDB and the Lemming Dismissal!
8. Remy and LDBs fool proof plan to get into the game.
9. Heckling Corey Hart!
10. Stalking the Parrot
11. You guys getting the MBP at the Pirates game (Most Ballinest Playaz)
12. The Family Fart-a-vator.
13. Customized Jersey's at the Jake (Genius)
14. Ned Yost Re-thinking going on the field after being told he overmanages!

From C.C
1. The impressive rookie class
2. Getting a lap dance from the stripper after she got rid of Ed by spilling a drink on him...then having a nice talk with her
3. The whole PNC park experience
4. Pisan bombing...but extremly entertaining
5. Pop in a Can
6. Not knowing a chick was giving bj's downstairs at Mr Bills(Wait a minute...That f'ing sucked)
7. Bringing the heat both righty and lefty.
8. I can't say looking back that the fat chick was a favorite moment...allthough it was memorable,
9. Yelling "Because I wanted a f'ing scone" at Dave
10. B's hat, glasses and broken toe
11. Indians shirts especially Dr. Uradick
12. James lying on his survey outside of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
13. The sick f's who drank warm beer instead of a nice cold refreshing one(Lou was definetly on a mission)

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