Yep, I'm Back in NC

I just left that certain Cary-based developer's offices (man, are they swank by the way) and the Holiday Inn I'm staying at has complimentary beer, wine, and sushi this evening in the lobby. The bartender told me that I could be "adventurous" and try a Japanese beer. I didn't feel like being that guy and telling him that I drink Kirin Ichiban more often than I do Budweiser or Miller Light, his other two choices.

The sushi is pretty decent and they actually have a pretty nice selection. Even some nigiri which was a pleasant surprise. Of course, the lack of appropriate dishes means I'm stacking my sushi on a napkin and using the plate for my wasabi and soy. Oh well. It still tasted good, once I got the napkin unstuck from the rice.

I was the first of the people in the lobby to try it and although a couple folks did come up afterwards and take a California Roll or two, there were plenty of "they're serving BAIT tonight, Bob!" and "I ain't eat bait ever before".

Yep, I'm back in NC.

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Criscipline said...

You best finish up that project you're working on and get back to your other job - entertaining me at lunchtime. ;-)