PS3 Supposed Launch Lineup

This scanned list was leaked from a document at Gamestop (which means it has about a 100% chance of being 50% accurate) and shows all of the known titles Gamestop expects to carry for the PS3 heading into 2007. The list contains 20 launch titles, but only a half dozen of them are PS3 exclusives. Truth be told, little on the list excites me. The one launch game that I would buy is Tony Hawk's Project 8 but I'll be writing the guidebook for it, as I have done every fall for 6 years now.

The good stuff won't hit until February/March when Heavenly Sword, NBA Street 4, and Assassin's Creed release. And the latter two will also appear on the Xbox 360 so I'm not too concerned about my plan to not purchase a PS3.

Besides, with the lukewarm response to Blu-Ray, the endless reports of Sony's battery woes, and the rather craptastic redesign of the Dualshock controller (your fingers easily slip right off the triggers with each press), buying a PS3 is just too big a gamble at this point. I never would have thought it possible but in just two year's time, Sony has gone from being the "cool" brand to a liability.

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