Coming Soon

I have a list of topics to write about, but just don't have the time right now. But rather than post nothing today, I'll instead tell you what I'm not writing about today. I will, however, write about these topics later this week after I finish writing the guide for the game-that-has-no-end.

- Olympic Peninsula kayaking and camping trip with my wife's sisters (that's right Erica and Lindsay, you're gonna be famous... or ridiculed and laughed at. Your fate is in my hands.)

- Recently finished reading "River of Doubt", "Freddy and Fredericka", and "Plane Insanity" and want to write about them.

- forest fires and mountain biking (aka, no it doesn't rain here everyday so shut the hell up you ignorant jackass sitting on the plane next to me. And yes, I do prefer Starbucks, why do you ask?)

- Kristin's job hunt and interview tomorrow; how I might want her to get the job more than she.

- and hopefully the PC game "CivCity: Rome" assuming I actually find time to install it and play it.

In the meantime, please enjoy yourself at my blog and I hope the knowledge of what I'm not posting about today helps make your visit worthwhile.

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