Ballpark Trip 2006: The Top Moments

Rather than write up some long-winded story chronicling the daily events, I'm just going to post the list of "memorable moments" that have been submitted by everyone thus far. If you're just stumbling onto this blog for the first time, this probably won't mean much to you. But anyway, myself and ten other friends flock to a different city every year to attend a couple of baseball games and get drunk and act stupid. By the time we leave half the city loves us and the other half wants us dead. Or something like that. This year's trip included a double-header in Cleveland on Saturday and a Monday night game at Pittsburgh. I attended both Cleveland games and don't really remember watching either game for more than 10 minutes.

From L.P.
1. Cap doing the bump with the chick that Constantino took back to the hotel.
2. Left handed pitching contest.
3. Leading the entire clientele of Mr. Bill's in a Karaoke marathon .
4. Dave getting a big hit put on him by the tall hot chick .
5. Dave and Remy not being allowed into the game due to public drunken state.
6. The Winking Lizard ($4 32 oz. Miller Lites).

From D.W.
1) Brian dancing with that hat/glasses combo -- very pimp.
2) The look on Nicastro's face after walking 90 minutes through the ghetto, alone, on the way back from Italy fest at 1am.
3) Pile-on Dave on the sidewalk outside Mr. Bill's.
4) Pile-on Doug on the giant baseball glove at the stadium.
6) Seeing a 65 year old lady try to dance on the bar at Mr. Bills (I'd like to forget this but the image has been forever burned into my retinas).
7) Cap yelling "NO HOMO" while grabbing the crotch of the giant Satchel Paige statue at Jacob's Field.
8) Cerano, Hayes, Dorn, Vaughn, Parkman, and Dr. URADICK jerseys.
9) Remy slamming that buffalo wing in Dave's beer. Throwing everything we can grab in each other's beers at Winking Lizard.

From J.N.
1. Remy giving all Italians the thumbs down at the WOPFest right before Trevenen strikes out with a 17 year old.
2. The Generator Piss Club.
3. Dave's "problems" with the retarded lemming - "Keep going, it'll happen."
4. "You can have some pizza if you suck some c*ck"
5. Video bowling - nuff said.
6. Me and B passing around the Carolyn Cullen look-alike at the strip club.
7. A hammered Ed leaving the club before getting the lap dance I bought him and contemplating jumping off the Andy Warhol bridge.
8. Remy bringing down a tree while Trevenen simultaneously does the Buffalo Bill dance with his pants down - would ya???
9. B getting the Trevenen's balls - pizza bite combo and threatening to kill everyone if the microwave beeps more that 4 times.
10. Baseball trip crew on the JumboTron in PNC Park.
11. "Ned Yost, you're overmanaging!!!!"

From J.T.
1. Mr. Bills every single day.
2. Cerano, Hayes, Dorn, Vaughn, Parkman, and Dr. URADICK.
3. The Generator Piss Club.
4. Watching Dave makeout thru the bathroom door and then hearing about his "issue"
5. Best seats ever!
6. Jumbotron
7. Ordering you all to drink Jameson

From C.R.
1. Cap falling through a huge glass window and/or hooking up with a big fat lady.
2. Smashing cinderblocks.

From J.C.
1) The worm at the Velvet Dog.
2) Dance off between B-diddy and Mikey C.
3) Pink "N-word" beaters as Remy called it
4) Pass the dildo at Mr. Bills
5) Me and Cap not knowing about free BJ night at Mr. Bills
6) 60-yr old female version of skeletor bartender dancing on the bar
7) The "Rem Mass Sack"The "Ed Bittner" stance
8) NOT being allowed to take a picture of the Super Mario Castle in downtown Pittsburgh complete with mini-bosses and mini-castles
9) Proving that asians have the videogame gene when it comes to arcade bowling
10) Seeing the "Hooray Beer" crappy bar from Cleveland on Dave Attel's Insomniac on Comedy Central
11) Who are the 5 hottest rap stars right now: "Cap 1, Cap 1, Cap 1, Cap 1, and Cap 1" because he spits HOT FIRE!

From E.B.
1) Listening to Pisan loudly explain why we should blow up the entire Middle East to a Russian girl, an Indian dude, and the rest of the plane.
2) Agree to disagree.
3) Pisan 'Man of the people' brings the rapping bum into the winking lizard for a drink.
4) 'No Homo'
5) Being let into the 'cage' at the liquor store. Then being told 'You don't want to be in this area - that's why we have this cage.'
6) Cap, the human wrecking ball smashing Mr. Bills sink off the wall.
7) Throwing shit in everyone's beers at the Winking Lizard.
8) Seeing Cap One on the ground surrounded by security and a cop with no one else to be found.
9) Chaos at the hotel Sunday night.
10) The Cab rides to and from whop fest.
11) "You think I won't break this phone in half?"
12) Getting that girl to show us her tit five minutes into the road trip.
13) 'If I hear that microwave beep four times again I am going to punch someone in the face!'
14) James sacking B while Cap smashed a pizza bite on his head.

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