Hooray for Hump Days

Not sure if it's confirmed for North America but Microsoft's trend of bringing the joy on Wednesdays with new Xbox Live Arcade content is going to continue throughout August and into September with the following schedule according to the UK's Official Xbox Magazine.

09 August: Pac-Man
16 August: Texas Hold 'Em
23 August: Time Pilot
30 August: Scramble
06 September: Lumines Live!

Not sold on Pac-Man (although for $5 I'll probably snag it) and although I see no point in playing Texas Hold 'Em without money on the line (or with money on the line for that matter) I'm excited about Lumines Live! and can't wait to see what the other two are about.

Seriously folks, all I play outside of work-related games these days is Xbox Live Arcade stuff. Perfect for sneaking a quick 15 minute session in. Absolutely perfect actually.

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