Good to be Home

Was supposed to be in NJ tonight, hanging with friends, celebrating some birthdays, and getting ready for a wedding tomorrow night, but I'm not. Instead, I had to come home on Thursday and cut my trip to NC short in order to finish work on another book that has somehow grown from a cute little puppy into a two-headed fire-breathing dragon. Not that the book is going to be overly thick, mind you, just that it's the sort of game that requires an hour of gameplay for each half-page of text. Or so it seems.

As for the three days in NC, everything that was work-related was great. The game was excellent, the cooperation from the developers was phenomenal, and the work conditions definitely a cut above what I often get when I have to work on site. That said, God am I glad I don't still live there. I hate me when I'm in NC because everything about the place takes me one step closer to an aneurysm (except the beaches... I love the beaches). But I'm way too busy tonight to go on a rant about retarded city planning, imbecile fast food clerks, smoke-choked everywheres, and ignorant, hick conversations at 20 decibels that you can't help but overhear and lose faith in the species with each passing word. I'm just way too busy to get into that and since I'm looking forward to enjoying some close intertwined companionship with my wife later on, it's best I don't blow a blood vessel writing about someplace 3000 miles away.

Which isn't quite far enough.

But, if you're interested, we have a very nice 1.78 acre lot in a gated waterfront community in eastern NC that we'll be selling soon. It's out of the flood zone, flat, wooded, and beautiful. Make us an offer and it -- and all the extras I described above -- can be yours. If the price is right.

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