Back in Blak

It's not everyday that Kristin reads me something from the newspaper that truly gets me excited, but today was one such day. Coca-Cola is about to begin distributing their new cola variety called "Coca-Cola Blak". It's a coffee-flavored cola.

Pepsi test-marketed a coffe-flavored cola in the area where I went to college back in the mid 1990's and although I loved it, I honestly believe I was the only one. At least that's what Kristin still tells me. It was named "Pepsi Kona" after the great coffee-producing region of Hawaii's big island. It had a pretty powerful first taste, and it was definitely an acquired taste, but I enjoyed it. Alas, Pepsi Kona never hit the big time and it died an unnoticed death on store shelves in eastern Pennsylvania.

But that was before the coffee-craze, so here's hoping Coca-Cola Blak has some staying power.

Enjoy the smooth jazz of Blak right here...

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