Tim Mckenna, My Hat is Off to You

I don't know who you are, but you have my respect.

How you managed to correctly pick the Final Four in the Yahoo NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em challenge is beyond me. I can understand picking UCLA, LSU, and Florida. But George Mason? You actually predicted them to make their way out of the most difficult bracket in the tournament? An 11-seed? You want to know how many of the million-plus people doing Yahoo's contest actually picked George Mason to advance to the Final Four? Statistically, according to Yahoo's numbers, 0.0%. That's how many. Obviously a few did. And you were one of them. But nobody else as far as I can tell also picked the others correctly as well.

You are a March Madness God.

In case you're wondering, I'm currently ranked 866,509 and am only beating 33% of the people participating. I can't score any more points so I have nowhere to go but down.

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