If By Masses You Mean Zero

Having recently finished playing through F.E.A.R and still without a project to get started on, I decided to install Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood. It's a PC tactical strategy game that came out in 2002. I recalled liking the demo enough so when I saw it at Half-Price Books for $5.00, I decided to get it.

With the game installed, I right away headed to the game's official website to see if there had been any patches released. There was one, a small 1.4 megabyte file that fixed a couple issues the game had at launch, but nothing serious. The site also had a "Tips and Tricks" link and being that I don't expect to have a lot of time to spend with the game I thought I'd check it out to see if I can learn some good pointers for starting out. Instead, I found this:

"As soon as Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood is out, you will find masses of tips and tricks on this page."

It's never a good sign when the game has been out for 4 years and the developers still hadn't found it necessary to update the website. Although I take comfort in knowing that I did enjoy the demo and that the game has an aggregate score of 80% on GameRankings.com, the fact that there was such little interest in the game that there was no call for this tips/tricks page to ever be updated is discouraging.

Then again, the game did only cost five bucks. What did I expect?

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