Figure Skating & Speed Skating Simulator

Coming soon to a house of pain near you.

Yes, you're seeing what you think you're seeing, right out of the box. The Motionetix skate system looks a lot like a pair of in-line skates, except that the wheels are turned 90-degrees sideways. It's impossible to roll forward or backwards on these things; you can only move from side-to-side.

Throwing caution to the wind, I strapped those suckers on and fired up the primitive speed skating technology demo they'd shipped with the skates. Basically, you move your feet from side to side, and -- provided you stay in front of your TV instead of, say, rolling down the stairs -- your virtual skater on-screen will mimic your moves, gaining speed the faster you move your feet. At first it seems impossible, but I found I could do it by keeping my knees bent and my center of gravity low. Plus, you know, you look badass. The game feels great on the straight-aways but doesn't really simulate speed turns very well.

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