I forgot one important thing when extending my travel in Costa Rica. And it's already making me have second thoughts.


Costa Rica is a very Catholic nation and Easter is not just a big deal, but a HUGE deal. It's very common for Costa Rican families to take the entire week off and travel to many of the same National Parks that the foreign tourists come to see. So not only will I be competing with Spring Breakers and family vacationers for accomodations, but also the Ticos as well. I've already learned that the lodge/hostel near the summit of Mount Chirripo is booked solid through the end of the month and that there is little chance of me getting a permit to hike very high up on the mountain. I can hope, or I can bandit it, but it's tent camping isn't permitted in the park and it wouldn't be safe to get caught too high on the mountain late in the day with nowhere to find shelter.

I'm trying to stay excited by reminding myself that our previous trip there was during the week of Christmas and that the crush of tourists didn't feel that suffocating, but I'm losing my enthusiasm by the minute. There was a reason why Dan was getting married on the 19th -- so we wouldn't be competing with the Easter travellers.

I can't believe I forgot that.

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