Dallas Floods

Apparently, the Dallas area was hit with over ten inches of rain since Sunday.

If I were a religious man, I'd suggest that this is just God's way of punishing the Cowboys for signing Terrel Owens to a three year contract. Religion, karma, or whatever else you want to call it -- it's good to know that sometimes bad things do happen to bad people. And no, this isn't me hating on the red staters.

Face it Dallas, Owens deserved to be black-balled from the NFL forever for the stunts he's pulled and, instead, you gave him $10 million dollars in guaranteed money. Enjoy the floods Cowboy fans; the locusts and brimstone should arrive sometime Thursday.


Criscipline said...

Mike's happy about it because supposively their other wide receiver is talking to the Giants. (Or something like that.)

T.O. is a virus. We're still recovering from his shit over here. Texas can have him.

Doug Walsh said...

They were in talks with Keyshawn (as were the Seahawks) but he signed yesterday with Carolina.