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If you don't remember the link to the video for "Make You Happy Tonight" by Tripod, the Aussie musical comedy trio, then I suggest you take a few moments and refresh your memory, as it's one of the funniest things there is. Click here to watch it.

Okay, now that you remember who they are, there's a pretty interesting interview with them over at They talk a bit about their craft, but also their fascination with playing videogames. Also kind of gives a look at how average Aussies feel about America. Some of the more interesting nuggets...

4. Do you have a console preference at present, and what next generation console is at the top of your shopping list?

Yeah we're an Xbox family over at mine. Jeez, next gen, i'm a bit of a swinging voter at the moment. I want to be loyal to the Xbox, with which i've had a lot of good times, but the only launch title that even grabs me a little bit is Elder Scrolls (Still an RPG junkie. oh yes). Everything else just seems a bit... kind of American, and derivative. Meanwhile on the Sony you get access to all the kooky Japanese freakouts like that one where you roll a ball of lint around and end up sticking mansions and that to it. i heart Kalama- something.

Fact is, i reckon the Japs make better games. More left of centre. Electroplankton, anyone? So unless the 360 can start getting some tops wierd stuff on it and dispense with all the "hey check this out! Driving and/or Shooting! Neat, huh! And look, it's slightly more realistic than last time!" boringness, i'm afraid my dollaroonies will be heading Asiaward. We'll see, though.

6. When we saw you at the Brisbane Powerhouse, we noticed the intro was the Halo theme. Does this backup the frequent and persistent rumours that you guys were given complete creative control of the Halo 3 soundtrack? =)

I wish. Probably a lot of work though. And you'd have to deal with a lot of Americans. Like, not being racist or anything.

Hey, did anyone see the bonus disk that came with the Halo Two steel box? Gee, nerds doing corporate team building exercises. Glad I pre ordered that.

Here's the link to the rest of the interview:

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