Crucifying Annoying Gamers... Can I Get An Amen?

Roma Victor, a massively multiplayer online role playing game you've likely never played nor heard of is about to crucify the player character of a particularly annoying player. The game depicts Britain during Roman times and is using the ancient execution technique in its historical context -- to cause interminable suffering and shame.

Brighton, UK. Britain will witness its first crucifixion for almost two millennia later this week, when Cynewulf is nailed to a cross as punishment for ganking other players as they first appear. Cynewulf, (in real life a 27 year-old electrical engineer from Flint, Michigan, USA) has no need to worry about suffering any permanent pain to his hands or feet, however, as this barbaric sentence is due to be carried out in cyberspace; in the virtual world of Roma Victor®.

it gets better...

Cynewulf, who is the first player within Roma Victor to receive this brutal punishment, will be hung on a cross for a full seven days on full public display in the digital reconstruction of the provincial town of Corstopitum (modern day Corbridge in Northumberland, England).

Kerry Fraser-Robinson, RedBedlam’s CEO says: "Roma Victor has been designed from the outset to offer an historically authentic and realistic virtual world. Although crucifixion is nowadays synonymous with persecution and religious symbolism, in 180CE it was just one of many severe punishments used by the Romans to punish criminals and to send a clear message out to other potential wrong-doers. And since our online world is historically authentic, we feel that applying this punishment to cheats, hackers and other virtual wrongdoers is not only appropriate, but also adds to the gaming experience by resonating with classical history."

Crucifixion is to be used as a form of player 'ban' within the virtual world of Roma Victor, with the length of the ban reflecting the severity of the punishment. For cheating by exploiting a bug and advancing his or her character's skills unfairly, for example, a player might typically receive a seven-day ban; multiple or more serious offences will result in a longer (or even permanent) ban.

Head over to to check out the game. I'm not big on MMORPG's, but any game that promises to punish unruly players in this manner is worth checking out.


Criscipline said...

That's really cool although I don't really understand how it could happen. Why doesn't cynewulf just run away?

Doug Walsh said...

The system administrators (i.e. the people who make and run the game on the server-side) essentially tag his account and program it so his character is cruficied. Or some such thing. He doesn't even need to be logged on as his Cynewulf character doesn't exist on his PC, but rather on the game maker's servers. They own it, not he.