A Giant Bite Out of Bungie

From the Seattle Times:

Four video-game creators from Microsoft and Zipper Interactive have left the companies to form their own studio, which they formally opened for business Wednesday in Pioneer Square.

The studio, called Giant Bite Games, will be developing titles for the next generation of video-game consoles and for Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system, according to co-founder Hamilton Chu.

The company is already working on one title, though Chu declined to give any details about the project.

The four founders, all in their 30s, have some huge franchises under their belt already. Chu was the lead producer at Bungie overseeing the development of the "Halo" and "Halo 2" games for the Xbox, and co-founder Michael Evans was an engineer on the titles. Another founder, Andy Glaister, joined Microsoft's Game Studios division in 1999 and most recently managed the programming team developing gaming tools for Windows Vista.

The only non-Microsoft veteran on the team is Steve Theodore, who was previously the technical art director for Zipper Interactive. Redmond-based Zipper was acquired by Sony's video-game arm in January and is the creator of the "Socom" game franchise. Theodore previously worked for Valve Software, the Bellevue developer of the "Half-Life" series.

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