Bike and Ankle Update

Two things about the new road bike: First, the wheels are by Korso, not Kronos. I don't think there is a wheel builder named Kronos. In fact, I think that's actually the name of one of the two space aliens in The Simpsons. Second, I forgot to post a photo. Here it is.

Now for the ankle. I rolled it pretty good on the trail today during my 5k run and 9 hours later it's still pretty tender. It's definitely not a sprain or a fracture and I can rotate my foot around in a circle so all is good in that regard, but I'll probably stay off it most of tomorrow so I can get a longer run in on Saturday. I've always had very weak ankles and would roll them pretty badly from time to time. Always the same result: run on one leg for a few strides while cursing in pain, then gradually ease back into a real running stride while grimmacing all the way home. The odd thing is that these trails in our neighborhood are extremely well manicured and I rolled my ankle last week at the same exact spot as today. I don't even know what on, but it's apparently the one thing in the whole trail system that could jump up and hurt someone. And I hit it every time. Weird.

Oh, and my sub-7:00 pace put me in the doghouse with Kristin. She doesn't care for the fact that she can train everyday for years and not run that fast (not that it's fast at all mind you), and I managed to after four years of not running. I tried to tell her that it's nothing I'm doing now, but rather just my dwindling dividends of running 6 times a week for 12 years earlier in life. I think she bought it.

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Criscipline said...

Kronos is also Syndrome's password to his volcanic lair in The Incredibles.

Loved Jason Lee in that movie.