In addition to the biking and running this weekend, we also got to watch a few movies we hadn't seen before. Friday night we watched the slightly disappointing Kung Fu Hustle and then on Saturday we watched Thumbsucker. Let's talk about the latter.

Here's the basic description of Thumbsucker. It's about a 17 year old boy living in Oregon who hasn't yet stopped sucking his thumb. His ex-football player father is stuck managing a sporting goods store due to a bad knee that prevented him from going pro. His mother is a workaholic with a celebrity addiction. Both parents insist on their children calling them by their first names because hearing "mom" and "dad" make them feel old. So homelife pretty much sucks. This is where it gets weird. So, the thumbsucking boy gets console from his debate coach, played by Vince Vaughn, and his dentist, played by Keanu Reeves.

If only every teenager with a screwy problem had Reeves and Vaughn to turn to for help and advice. The movie isn't really supposed to be a comedy but it's impossible not to laugh when seeing these two type-casted actors in these atypical roles. So, if for no other reason than that, it's pretty much a comedic-drama. I enjoy independent films like this and am also a big fan of both Reeves and Vaughn. So even though they're not really the stars of the movie, they still added a lot to it. Definitely worth checking out on Netflix if you don't mind something different.

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