The Wheels On the Bike Go Round and Round

Had a great day on the bikes today. Put in 20 miles on the road bike between rain showers this afternoon and got some great views of Mt. Si. I hadn't been down to the Three Forks nature area before, but there looked to be some great places to wade out to a sandbar in the river and get some killer photos of Mt Si with the river in the foreground. But I digress... I added some extra miles around the neighborhood to get in some extra hillwork at the end of the ride and ended up with 990 feet of gain for the 20 miles.

Less then two hours later I hopped on my mountain bike and helped Erik go and flag the course for tomorrow's grassroots time trial. We set up a 4 mile loop through the singletrack we ride on Tuesday nights. It should be really fun. Erik selected a nice group of trails that flow really well and I think we may have even placed enough yellow caution tape out there to keep people from getting lost. I'll probably still get lost, but that's beside the point. We finished up our task just as the sun was setting, which was a good thing because we didn't have our HID lights with us.

Upon arriving home, I found a large box on the front porch. My new wheels! I did eventually get a pair of lightweight wheels to use for racing off of Ebay. The wheels are brand new and are the Bontrager Racelight wheels that come on the high-end Trek Fuel bikes. They're not the best wheels but they have better hubs than what I ride on now, are a little lighter, and I got a good deal on them. Plus, I really wanted to have a second set of wheels that I only use for racing. This way I can just leave racing tires on them all the time and also not have to worry about knocking them out of true.

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