It's Over... I Lost

Quite a bit of drama at the end of the auction.

My bid of $275 was winning up until 4 minutes to go when somebody swooped in and bumped it up to $295. I quickly countered with a max bid of $310 and he jumped back right away by pushing it to $315. With 30 seconds left in the auction I put in a bid of $320 (about $20 more than I wanted to spend) and proceeded to refresh the page every few seconds. A third bidder out of nowhere came in with 4 seconds on the clock and won it.

The auction was for a pair of Spinergy Xyclone mountain bike racing wheels. The lightest disc brake compatible wheels on the market. I have the minimum bid going on another auction for a lesser pair of wheels with over 6 days left in the auction. We'll see how that one goes.

Either way, time to go out and earn the right to ride nice wheels without looking out of place. Have a quick 3 mile run planned followed by some night-time mtn biking over at Tolt-Macdonald Park. Hopefully the storm that's heading our way can wait till tomorrow.


Eric Floyd said... It is the only way to bid. Bidding Early runs the price up.


Doug Walsh said...

Yeah, that's why I waited until 4 minutes left to bid. There were already 17 bids by that point. I could have still won had I have wanted to, as I still had a couple seconds to up the price, but I didn't want to go over $300 in the first place.

The price jumped from $260 to $326 in the final 4 minutes. Too bad.