Bracketologist I Am Not

Since you can't honestly say you're an American if you don't proclaim to the world what your Final Four predictions are, here are mine.


Boston College

With Duke over Boston College to win the NCAA Tourney.

I should warn you against using my predictions to assist in any gambling you may have planned. You see, although I am in two "pools" neither of them are for money. It's simply for fun and bragging rights. So, without any monetary incentive, I spent all of 5 minutes filling out my bracket. Research? Ha! Last year I was DFL in the BradyGames free pool. Surely I can at least match last year's performance with just the bits of knowledge I've gleamed from listing to ESPN several hours a day over the past 4 months, right?

Fantasy Baseball is a different story. I have pages of data and half-baked statistical analysis poured into the draft on March 26th. But there's money involved in that. Big difference.

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