Big thanks to my friend Eric for pointing out this website ( to me on Saturday. They're a bicycle parts retailer and not only do they have a huge selection of parts in every category you can think of, but they also have some of the best product descriptions I've come across. It's not often I learn something while shopping for bike parts, but this site was so good I couldn't help but learn some things.

And best of all, of course, are their prices. After having all but completely shredded my mountain biking shoes last year and having gone through three pairs of crappy Crank Brothers "Candies" (two busted wings and one pedal stripped off the spindle) there was no choice for me but to get new shoes and pedals. I wanted Time Atac pedals, but they retail for over $100. And most mountain bike shoes retail for anywhere from $80 to $200. happened to have a combo deal on a pair of shoes and the Time Atac pedals for $99. Even if the shoes are just average, it's like getting them for free, so I'm still up. And any pair of shoes would be better than what I'm riding now. You can practically see my socks when I put them on.

So, thank you Eric for havin the worst case of "upgradeitis" and for telling me where you plan on buying your next derailer. My feet appreciate it.

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nweurosport said...

You might REALLY like they keep track of deals at pricepoint and 5 other shops all the time. Nice stuff.