27,300 Cubic Feet Per Second

Drove over to nearby Snoqualmie Falls while the power was out to see the falls during flood stage and wasn't disappointed. The heavy rain and the suffocating mist floating up from the bottom of the falls made photographing my subject a bit of a challenge, but I got one or two decent shots. Couldn't access some of the better spots to shoot the falls because of the flooding and hazardous conditions, but this one gives a sense of the enormity of it all. The falls are 270ft tall.

The truck in the top of the picture gives a sense of the magnitude of the falls.

Time to bundle up in rain gear and brave the commute to Qwest Field for tonight's game against the Raiders. I need to leave hours early to acc0unt for the traffic and the extra delays thanks to the storm. Which means I'll be sitting and drinking at F.X. McRory's for an hour or two. If you're in the area, stop on by! I'll be wearing the Shaun Alexander jersey over the organge Marmot rainjacket.

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Maarten said...

The falls are awesome. I was actually thinking of driving out there to take a look the other day, but ya know, bad for global warming and schtuff. I'm sure not riding my bike out there in this weather. :-p