Pineapple Express

I just got home from the MNF game (a rainy shutout baby!) and checked the gaging station that I used to get the flow data for that previous post. What I have to say may shock you, especially if you have any background in hydrology.

For the gaging station near Snoqualmie Falls, a volume of 20,000 cubic-feet per second is considered flood stage. At noon the river was at 27,300 cfs. As of 10:30pm, the volume is up to 50,600 cfs. Take another look at the photo of the waterfall below and now imagine twice the water pouring over those falls! Literally, double the water! Nearly triple the flood volume.

There's a state of emergency declared for 18 counties in western Washington and 7 major rivers are expected to hit record flood levels tomorrow -- yep, that was record flood levels for up to 7 rivers -- but all isn't lost. KOMO TV's resident curmudgeon Ken Schramm (who I usually find to be only slightly less annoying than Andy Rooney) has his top ten reasons to enjoy this wind and rain.

Number 10: The storm has washed away the word "MetroNatural" that was painted on top of the Space Needle.

Number 9: It's fun to splash pedestrians as you drive down the street.

Number 8: Can't get enough of that video of salmon crossing the road.

Number 7: Fewer panhandlers because carboard signs just get soggy.

Number 6: No more doorbelling by political candidates 'cause they're weather wimps.

Number 5: Not as many bicyclists to share the road with.

Number 4: Ducks swimming in Seattle's pot holes look so darn cute.

Number 3: We need more mud right before the election.

Number 2: Traffic hardly sucks more than when the sun is in our eyes.

And the number 1 reasons to enjoy all this rain: All the crack-heads and hookers stay inside which means if you really want to, you can actually use that $700,000 toilet down in Pioneer Square!

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