GOW Strategy Videos by Yours Truly

Those of you with Xbox Live accounts can head to the Marketplace and download videos for Gears of War that show how to get through the toughest spots in the game. Lead Designer Cliffy B from Epic narrates, but the gameplay you'll see in those videos is actually all me. BradyGames and Epic teamed up to produce these hi-def strategy videos for Xbox Live and flew me back out to Epic's offices in North Carolina to record the videos on their high-definition capture station. Pretty impressive equipment, I must say.

Anyway, the videos are going for 100pts on the Marketplace ($1.25) and seem to becoming available one at a time. Once all of the videos have been released on the Marketplace, owners of the strategy guide will be able to also download the videos straight from BradyGames.com by registering their copy of the book with the site.

The first video available is for the "Angry Titan" chapter and shows my expert tactics for defeating the Corpser as fast as can be, without getting hit. Truth be told, I actually had to dance around a little in the beginning and not beat the Corpser as fast as I normally do so as to give time for the voice-over.

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