And Now for the Real Winners

Maybe it was the timing of the contest, maybe it was because I only have a handful of readers, and maybe it was because nobody wants my stinking books, but for one reason or another I only received two entries for the LE Guidebook Giveaway contest. And you know what, they both win! I ended up with a third copy of the LE version of the guidebook and rather than keep a copy shrinkwrapped for all eternity, I'd rather see it get some use.

So Eric and Erik, you guys both win a copy of the Gears of War Limited Edition Strategy Guide. The catch is that since I see you both fairly regularly, I'm not going to mail them. Erik: feel free to walk over and claim your prize whenever you want. And Eric, I sent you a copy of the other version the other day so that will have to hold you over until I see you again -- hopefully on one of Erik's Tuesday night mountain biking adventures.

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