Here's a must-watch to add to your Netflix queue if you haven't seen it already. It's simply titled "Shackleton" and stars Kenneth Branagh. It's the 2002 two-part movie about Ernest Shackleton's 1914 expedition to Antarctica. With the South Pole already reached by other explorers, he set out to be the first to cross the entire Antarctica landmass. The movie details the early financing of the expedition and crew-selection, the sailing to Antarctica on the famed ship Endurance, and the amazing struggle to keep all 28 crewmembers alive after the ship is crushed in pack ice.

Each disk is 1:43 in length, but the cinematography, acting, and script is first-rate and I definitely recommend the movie to anyone who enjoys a good adventure tale. I doubt Netflix has many copies of it, and I'm mailing mine back today so grab it when you can. Or, for those who like to purchase their movies, there's a three-disc collector's edition including A&E's biography on Ernest Shackleton as well as several features on Antarctica and the making of the movie.

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