Weather or Not

"The Hits Keep Coming!"

I kid you not, that is the headline on for the article about the next round of storms due to slam the PNW this week. This follows closely behind one of their other articles titled "Thunderstorm Violence". I have no idea what that article is about, but I'm guessing it's about an increase in gang activity during electrical storms. After all, if videogames and movies has taught us anything, it's that the rumbling of thunder can easily conceal the sound of gunfire. And since all videogames do these days is glorify gang violence that must be it, right?

I digress (as usual)...

Nevertheless, here's the latest blurb on the weather for the PNW region. I'm so glad my training for TransRockies kicks off next Monday -- nothing like riding the trainer for hours at a time.

This has not been a particularly cold November, but it has been very stormy especially in the Pacific Northwest. In Seattle for instance, the total rainfall is nearing one foot, which is nearly 500 percent of normal. In the Cascade Mountains, snow is being measured by the foot and not by the inch. At Stampede Pass, Wash., over 3 feet of snow has fallen in the past three days alone. The bad news is that the Pacific storm track still has its sights on this part of the country. The next storm in the series will arrive Wednesday bringing widespread heavy rain and winds up to 75 mph on the coast. Will that be it? Hardly. It appears yet another mammoth storm will crash into the Northwest late in the weekend.

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