What is Wrong With You People?

Amidst reports of Japanese PS3's going for less than the retail price on Asian auction sites, we have Americans bidding PS3's up to $3500. That's right. $3500 for a $600 item with one piece of compelling software that you couldn't get on other systems.

Check Ebay for yourself. One such auction, set to close in less than 5 minutes, has received 37 bids and is about to go to the user "Forza_1980" for $3,551.00. Nevermind the fact that the Ebayer's screename closely resembles an Xbox exclusive videogame, but he's about to spend nearly 6x the retail price of the item. I guess he really, really, really doesn't want to wait another month or two for the next batch of shipments from Sony.

Actually, most every auction that has much action or is about to end is going for over $2500. Another just a moment ago closed for $3,550 after receiving over 50 bids. To the seller's credit, he started the auction at $10. That's $7k for two PS3's in a matter of minutes.

Do I dare ask how much they'll be fetching on Ebay at Christmas time?

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