Normally I Would Care

A weird thing has happened this year. Thanks to this whole idea of doing TransRockies next year and ramping up my cycling volume and building a new bike, I just don't seem to care about snowboarding that much. I guess something had to give and that was it. But still, even though I've yet to wax my board up nor plan on buying a season lift ticket this year, I am amazed at the amount of snow that is falling. It's only November and check out this report on Mount Baker from

Mount Baker holds the world record for most snow in a season and typically has one of the largest snow bases in the nation. They're easily the current snow champ now.

The ski resort just broke its own record for most snowfall in a storm cycle with a whopping 98 inches of snow -- that's over 8 feet! -- in the past five days.

Overall, since the snow began in mid-November, the resort received 12 feet of snow (144 inches)

"We've had snow conditions of a lifetime at Mt. Baker the past two days," said Gwen Howat of the Mt. Baker ski resort. "We've received 8 feet of new snow since Friday, which is the most snow we’ve ever received for a storm cycle in recorded history at Mt. Baker. And considering we hold the world's record for most snowfall (in a season) that is certainly saying something."

Officials there are recommending that if you ski in the ungroomed areas, to ski with a partner who remains in visual and voice contact at all times, and for the expert run on Chair 6, you must have a transceiver, a partner, and a shovel with you.

Temperatures were also very cold -- about 7 degrees Tuesday morning -- but Howat says the ski resort is shielded from the cold northeast winds coming out of the Fraser Valley, so wind chills were not too bad. Just be sure to bring appropriate warm clothing.

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