For the Love of Ice Cream

About a week or so ago I posted about how much Kristin and I support one another and how we're always there for each other. Apparently that love and generosity stops at the freezer door. Kristin was at the kitchen table doing some work and I came down from my office to have some ice cream. I grabbed our individual pints of Haagen Dazs from the freezer and put the hot fudge jar in the microwave to warm up. Being that my pint was of a blueberry cheesecake flavor and hers of a caramel and chocolate, I wanted to have a sampling.

"Can you take my ice cream out too?" Her back was to me when she asked.
"I did. I'm tasting it right now." I said with a spoonful of ice cream in my mouth.

She turns around and the horrifying look of a woman scorned suddenly appears on her face. Her brow creases, her jaw is set, her eyes wide.

"Bitch!!! What the HELL are you doing with my ice cream?! Put it down. Put it down, right now!"

... I was speechless. Caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

She lets out one final "BITCH!" and promptly pushes away from the table and moves towards me, as if to try and threaten me into submission. Which is actually kind of funny since I'm about 8" taller than her.

"Fine. Mine is better anyway."

Karma won out in the end as she burned her hand on the jar of hot fudge.

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