R.I.P. Skookum Suspension Bridge

One of my favorite technical trails in the Greenwater area suffered massive flooding and has likely been obliterated in many areas. It was a rocky trail that paralleled the White River not far from its headwaters at the base of Mount Rainier. One of the coolest features of the trail was the suspension bridge that crossed the river, giving riders a way to connect the Skookum Flats trail with the White River trail on the other side. My personal favorite way to ride this trail was to ride "up" Skookum Flats, cross the highway, descend the White River trail to the suspension bridge, and then cross back over the bridge and continue back down Skookum Flats to the trailhead.

But not anymore.

The following pic was taken by Tim Banning, a fellow BBTC member and all around good guy.

A logjam caused the river valley to flood and washed this bridge away.

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