Monday Night Floodball

Got one hell of a storm blowing in tonight. Expecting up to 6 inches of rain and wind gusts as high as 80mph in spots (for reference, a Category I hurricane is >74mph sustained). They're predicting much of the storm to leave the area by midnight on Monday night with remnants producing 20 to 30 foot surf on the coast on Tuesday which, if possible, I'm going to head out to photograph.

But between now and then is a Monday Night Football game being played in Seattle. We've only had one or two games in the new stadium in which it has rained, but tomorrow should be unlike any other. Fortunately, our seats are under the roof, but we're not up too high and could get pretty wet if the wind is really howling. So far the plan is to wear my winter mountain biking pants with a warm coat, hat, and gloves. I may change my wind and wear my snowboard pants and coat depending on how cold it gets and exactly how stormy it still is at kickoff. I can't wait!

I remember several years ago a MNF game played at Kansas City in which the rain was literally cascading down the steps and onto the field like a series of waterfalls. It was by far the worst conditions I had ever seen a game of football played. Tomorrow could be just as bad. Who knows? I do know that no matter how bad the weather is or what the score to the game is, I'll be there to the final whistle. Just like always.

And I hope you east coast people appreciate that generous 5:30 PDT start time -- we have to kill half a day of work to get to the stadium on time (else sit in traffic for hours) just so you can watch the game and get to bed at a decent hour. I'd sure love the 9pm start time you all get.

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