Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results

As the game pushed onward and the Seahawks rang up sack after sack (9 in total), Raiders fans began to cling ever more to the past. As they walked down the steps past us to use the restroom or hit the concessions, we all shower them with boos. It's all in good fun and, for the most part, nobody gets bent out of shape. But as the game continued the Raiders fans began resorting to the only defense they have -- their past. They started stroking their fingers and talking about their "rings" and how the Seahawks haven't ever won a Super Bowl. All of the fans of the older, more historical teams do this when the Seahawks are kicking their ass. It always comes down to the number of championships you've won. It's ridiculous. Nobody in that stadium wearing blue and white thinks for one second that last year's run to the NFC Championship is going to matter come January 2007. What the Raiders or 49ers or Bears did in the 80's doesn't really matter now. But it does when their team is losing. Or so I'm led to believe.

So I found myself with a 20 year old kid with a Randy Moss jersey in front of me blabbering on and on about their "rings" and how the real score is 3 to 0, with the Raiders winning. We're in line for beer so neither one of us is going anywhere soon.

So I ask him, "Do you remember the year the Raiders won their last Super Bowl?"
He gazes at the sky and starts counting on his fingers.
I decide to help him. "I'll tell you. It was 1983, they beat the Redskins, and the way things are going, it's going to be another 23 years before they win another one. Don't give me this crap about 3 rings when you weren't even a zygote when it happened."

He was speechless. I was smiling.

Just Win [Three] Baby!

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Criscipline said...

LoL. It was a good game.