Yahoo Pick 'Em Update

Okay, how about this? Would you believe that of the 225,323 people playing the NFL Pick 'Em game on Yahoo, that the top five states with the highest scoring averages are actually states that don't even have NFL teams? Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Iowa are ranked one through five. Of course, unlike more populated states, they don't have thousands of idiots weighing them down, but I still find that pretty surprising. In 6th place is Washington state, in which I'm currently ranked in the 95% percentile (I've had a few bad weeks since my last posting on this matter and am no longer in the top 50). What's especially weird is that international fans, as a whole, are collectively in 9th place. Who says the rest of the world doesn't care about the NFL. There are at least 9332 people who not only care, but know what's up too.

As for the rankings by fanbase, we Seattle Seahawks fans have slipped from 1st to 3rd place which only rubs salt in the wound after last week's horrendous showing by the team against San Francisco. Minnesota and Buffalo fans are ranked 1st and 2nd, respectively. Atlanta's fanbase is in dead last, a full 1.05 points behind "Fans of None". Way to go Falcon Fans!

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