Oh Glod, What Have You Done?

Seems not everyone finds "Borat" as funny as the rest of us.

From Breitbart.com:

"These people are poor and they were tricked by people more intelligent than us," he said. "They took one of our 75-year-old ladies, put huge silicone breasts on her and said she was 47. Another man they filmed to look like the poorest person in the world, and one of our men who is missing an arm had a plastic sex toy taped to his stump."

"We are suing because they were not truthful," added Staicu, who said he saw parts of "Borat" and was disgusted.

So let me get this straight, the impoverished gypsies of Glod, Romania (where the movie's opening scenes were filmed) are suing the makers of the film because they weren't truthful; because the residents were underpaid, and because it turned out that it really wasn't a documentary after all, but a comedy.

They didn't realize the movie would be untruthful when the director had someone tape a sex toy to the guy's stump? Or when they paid a family to house a cow and let it crap on their floor? It took hearing of the movie's success for them to realize that it wasn't a documentary? They really aren't that bright, are they?

At least one person saw it for what it was... a chance to make a little money without having to really do anything.

Not everyone in Glod is upset. Sorina Luca, 25, excitedly described how she was given $3.30 to bring a pig into her home and let the producers put a toy rifle into the hands of her 5-year-old daughter for one scene.

"I really liked it," she said. "We are poor and miserable. Nothing ever happens here."

The entire purpose of the movie was to make us laugh at stuff that we simultaneously know we shouldn't be laughing at. The movie forces us to squirm in our seats and make us feel awkward while simultaneously laughing so hard that tears stream down our cheeks. It's possible to laugh at someone's misfortune in a movie and simultaneously pity their situation. This is new experience for many of us because most comedic writers suck at their craft. Some get it and Sacha Baron Cohen gets it better than all of them.

That said, it would be a nice gesture if Fox or Cohen did donate some of the profits from the movie to the people of Glod to help them out. Imagine what a $100,000 would do for their situation.

You can read the rest of the article about the many groups and people suing over "Borat" via this link.

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