White Friday is Coming

Shopping is for suckers. When you wake up the morning after Thanksgiving Day, head right to your Xbox 360 and download the Lost Planet: Extreme Condition multiplayer demo. It's 16-player snow-covered goodness with foot soldiers and mechs known as Vital Suits. And take it from me, you will want to pre-order this game.

Speaking of which, should you be dragged to the mall by your significant other and have shopping thrust upon you, stop by your neighborhood game store and pre-order a copy -- if you're one of the pre-ordering types, which I'm not. If you do, you'll get a disc with a bonus multiplayer map to play on Xbox Live while you wait for the January release of the game.

From 1up.com:

In the December issue of EGM (the Halo 3 issue), Capcom took out a two page advertisement to promote the multiplayer demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The advertisement has the demo releasing on Nov. 23.

In a press release that went out this morning, Capcom confirmed the November 23 release date, but also announced a promotion they are calling "White Friday." On Nov. 24, pre-orders for Lost Planet will include a special version of the demo that includes a bonus multiplayer map.

As someone fortunate enough to be playing the full version of the game for work, I can safely say that you will not want to miss this game. And if you haven't already, head to Xbox Live Marketplace and download the "E3 Demo" for the game. It has two missions and is quite a lot of fun to play.

Lastly, if you're wondering what all this Lost Planet: Extreme Condition jazz is about, head over to the official site to get up to speed. At the very least, the music is pretty cool.

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