Wrinkle-Free Irony

Is it just my wife, or is it kind of odd that I wash my mountain bike clothing -- pieces of apparel I routinely get muddy and wet, not to mention slam against the ground and trees -- on the washing machine's "delicate" cycle. I think it's appropriate and don't see anything really that odd about it, but Kristin thinks the irony is pretty comical.

Now what I think is rather ironic is that the warmest base layer (i.e. "wicking" for my sisters-in-law) I have closely resembles cheesecloth. The shirt is practically see-through, but man is it warm! Go figure.


C. Beck said...

Just browsing by. I think it is quite astonishing that you wash your own clothes period. I'm not quite sure if my husband knows where the washing machine is.

Anonymous said...

Haha doug. Very funny. And yes, it is pretty ironic! Gotta side with my sister on this one. ~Erica