Crystal Mountain to Open Wednesday

Well, so much for El Nino supposedly meaning a lack of snowfall and an unusually dry winter for the Pacific Northwest. Aside from the fact that there has been record flooding in this area over the past week, but Crystal Mountain has gotten over a foot of snow already and is expected to receive quite a dumping throughout the weekend.

Now if only the places I actually like to go snowboarding at would open, then we'd be in business. Nevertheless, it looks like our tradition of going snowboarding on Thanksgiving will be in tact. Hopefully.


Maarten said...

It's a real crapshoot around here; it only takes one warm storm to mess things up again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and takin' my skis in for a tune this week.

You don't like Crystal for boarding? My impression is that Stevens isn't ideal either. I'm guessing you tend to go to Baker then?

Maarten said...

Crystal is hoping to open next Wednesday. Crazy talk!

Doug Walsh said...

Thanks for the link. I like Stevens a lot and Alpental. Just never had a good day at Crystal and never been there when High Campbell was open. I'll try again one day when it's good. I will say that Crystal really ticked me off last year though with their early opening. Can't tell you how many rocks I hit and tree stumps right in the trail. They tend to rush to open too soon, from what I can tell in the 4 years of riding out here.

Either way, I'm stoked about the upcoming season.

Maarten said...

I had weekday pass at Stevens for a few years and I love the backside. When it's good, it's fabulous. Often it's a bit warm, and it turns to concrete, which is probably easier on boards than on skis.

I'd love to get to know Alpental.. I've never skied there. So if you end up looking for a week day ski buddy... let me know. :)

Doug Walsh said...

Definitely! I'm just going to get the weekday pass to Snoqualmie/Alpental this year and hopefully do a few weekend trips to Crystal/Stevens/Baker with my wife.

I usually like to go up at least once a week during the week. I don't know the Alpental backcountry but I do like boarding there.