Holiday E-Vite From Hell

Time to celebrate the holidays. Feel free to wear PJs and/or bring your handi-crafts. Bring your favorite movie snack or adult beverage.

Sounds good so far. If I told you that the invitation went out to about 6 women for every guy, you'd probably think it sounds even better, eh? Lots of women, very few dudes, everyone in their pajamas and getting tipsy and watching movies. Sounds like a can't miss, right?

I'll give you a minute to fantasize about the possibilities...

Take your time...

Okay, now it's time for a snap back to reality. My wife received this e-vite from a female coworker. Everyone that was invited is from the company. Many of the people invited are pushing 50 years old (one nearly 60), more than a handful are quite, shall we say, large. Make that obese with the potential for morbidly obese. The guys invited are a rather odd lot and the women aren't the funnest bunch to be around. We've gone to one of their parties in the past and it was odd. Everyone was nice, the food was great, but it was odd.

So, we take what is already a rather peculiar mix of people (who all work together mind you) and now we're going to put them in their pajamas. Do I dare imagine any of them wearing lingerie? I mean, after all, if lingerie passes for Halloween costumes and a "blouse" these days then surely it can be worn to a PJ party, right? But while there are a couple of enticing exceptions, this thought is primarily horrifying. And I can't shake it.

So the decision has been made to only go if my wife's good (and attractive) friends from work go. I can live with that. I'd be pretty much going just for material for my blog. And for the food. And to see my wife walk around in her pajamas with people she supervises. That ought to be a hoot.

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