Worst Person In the World

Daily "WPITW" medalist has really outdone himself this time. Bill O'Reilly has the following to say about us younger folks:

"Basically what you have is a large portion of the population, mostly younger people under the age of 45, who don't deal with reality — ever. So they don't know what day it is; they don't know temperature it is; they don't know what their neighbor looks like. They don't know anything... because they are constantly diverted by a machine. Now what this does is it takes a person away from reality because they've created their own reality..."

Now, you can either head to Slashdot and read the very funny comments people have made about this and try and follow the link to Gamepolitics.com to read the rest of O'Reilley's ridiculousness or you can just smile and know that Keith Olbermann already correctly pointed out on last night's "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" that O'Reilly actively maintains a website (which uses a computer) and posts daily rants in the form of Podcasts. You know, for all those iPod-onwning folks he derides so vehemently. Watch Olbermann point out the obvious hypocrisy right here.

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