Team Terminal Fitness is Assembled

Just want to say how I happy I am to hear that Kristin's sister Lindsay has confirmed that she will be joining our team as part of the support crew for TransRockies. This was a very pleasant surprise and one that both I and my teammate Ken are excited about. Neither Kristin nor Lindsay is a bike mechanic, but I'm sure we'll find plenty of other stuff for them to help with before and after each day's ride. And while we're out there grunting our way up and over the Continental Divide through the middle of nowhere, they'll be able to go hiking, enjoy the scenery, and visit the small towns of the Canadian Rockies and, in general, hang out with the other support crews and relax. It will be a great opportunity for everyone and sure to be an experience we won't soon forget. Thanks for wanting to come Lindsay! And you too, Kristin!

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